Care and Cleaning of Motheric Vegan Leather Products

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• Do not use any detergent containing bleaching agents and do not use a carpet washing machine on the product.
• Do not leave the product under direct sunlight for a long time.
• Protect the product from hard impacts.
• Never place an iron near it, even for drying purposes, and keep it at least 1 meter away from heat sources such as electric heaters. Never leave an iron or a hot object on the product, even for a short time.
• Do not keep it in very dusty or humid environments. Pay attention to the condensation that occurs on the product that changes between cold and hot, and dry it.
• Keep your pets away from the product.
• Do not leave newspapers or magazines on the product as the ink on them may transfer to the product and leave permanent stains. Particularly, staining may occur if you sit on light-coloured leather, for example, with new jeans that give dark color dye. This stain is not from the skin itself, but from the dye and coloring trousers etc. Do not forget that it is caused by .
• Do not use or keep products that are frequently used at home, such as nail polish or ink, containing solvents such as acetone or alcohol, near the product, as they may cause splashing, contamination and permanent damage.
• Be sure before using leather care products available on the market, some such products can damage the leather over time.


Weekly, remove any dust or dirt from the product surface with a white, soft cotton cloth moistened with pure soapy water when necessary, rinse and dry.


Immediately absorb excess liquid with a 100% cotton white cloth or sponge. If necessary, warm water can be used. Then clean it all around. WATER can dissolve particles and make cleaning easier. However, using too much water may cause water spots on the surface. Therefore, excess water should be removed immediately before it dries. It is always easier to clean stains that have not dried. Then, dry it completely or leave it to dry in an open environment, do not dry it with dryers such as hair dryers. Studies have shown that the longer the stain is left on the product without being cleaned, the more it penetrates into the product and the damage it causes increases accordingly. Therefore, it should be cleaned as soon as it is noticed.
* When coffee, tea, etc. are spilled: Use a highly absorbent white cloth or paper. Do not delete immediately! Let the stain be absorbed by the cloth or paper. Wipe off any remaining moisture with a soft cloth in circular motions.
* Difficult stains such as ink, ballpoint pen, lipstick: Alcohol and cologne are not recommended. Wipe with warm soapy water using light circular movements. After this process, the surface is wiped dry once again with a clean soft cloth. In all cases, make a preliminary test on an inconspicuous part of the product.
* Stains such as oil, mineral oil, mustard: Remove the excess stain with a dry 100% cotton cloth. Wipe gently with a soapy cotton cloth using circular movements. Then, wipe it once more with a clean damp cloth and dry it.
* Chewing gum stain: Put some ice cubes in a bag and leave the bag on the product for a few minutes. Lift the bag and gently remove the gum residue that has hardened with cold.