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Motheric Paciclip Real Leather Pacifier Strap Gray

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Motheric Paciclip Real Leather Pacifier Strap Nugget

With the Motheric Paciclip Leather Pacifier Strap, you won't have to worry about where your baby's pacifier is. Pacifiers will no longer fall on the floor or get out of reach, so they will always stay clean!
The body part is made of vegetal leather. No chemical treatment was used in its tanning. It is hand painted with chemical-free water-based paint. The wooden clip is made of unvarnished beech wood. The lead and chrome-free metal clip is specially designed not to damage your baby's clothes. The clip can be easily opened and easily attached to your baby's clothes.
Motheric Paciclip Pacifier hanger can also be used to carry teethers or other lightweight accessories that can be safely hung on your baby's clothes.


  • 100% natural vegetal leather suitable for use in baby products
  • Unvarnished beech wood clip head
  • Lead and chrome free metal clip
  • Supported clip that does not damage baby clothes
  • Design suitable for pacifier and teether

Dimensions and Features

Main Material: 1st Class Genuine Leather
Usage Type: Pacifier and Teether Strap
Strap: 1st Class Natural Leather
Width: 2.2cm
Length: 28cm
Clip Diameter: 3 cm

Genuine leather

Beech Tree Clip

Lightweight Design

Does Not Contain Harmful Substances

Compatible with All Pacifiers

Motheric Warranty

Multiple Use

Unique Design

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