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Motheric Poobag Poop Bag Carrying Bag Black

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Motheric Poobag Waste Bag Carrying Bag

Motheric Poobag Poop Bag Carrying Bag Tan color is becoming popular as an alternative to options made of natural leather. Vegan leather is an environmentally friendly and more ethical option because it is a material obtained without harming animals.

Motheric Poobag Poop Bag Carrying Bag has features such as metallic zipper, metal hook and hand carry handle. These features make it easy to close and carry the poop bag carrier. At the same time, its inner surface is covered with insulated lining and waterproof material.
These types of vegan leather pouch bags offer a practical and environmentally friendly option for dog owners, Therefore, they are ideal for dog owners.
You can safely carry diaper bags in your bag or stroller.

  • Easy-to-wipe waterproof insulated inner lining.
  • Metallic Clip
  • Metallic clip strap large enough to attach anywhere
  • Reinforced Metallic Hardware
  • Zippers and clips are made entirely of metal.
  • Waterproof Material
  • It is leak-proof and waterproof.
  • Double layer Vegan Leather, Reinforced sewing thread. Soft, elegant, not easily worn and durable.
  • Easy to use on the go
  • The bag is super compact in size, measuring 5x9cm and lightweight
  • The zippers of the Vegan Leather Poop Bag carrying bag have metal material and are durable, the leather surface is smooth, easy to open and close, and has passed quality control tests.
  • Easy and quick access to the poop bag: The vegan leather bag window allows for easy poop bags removal. Poop Bag can easily carry coins, headphones, keys and small items.

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